Alphaterra's SEO Services

Search engine optimization is 

important to rank organically and consistently in search engines, in order to put you in front of potential customers that are making searches related to your business

"The best place to hide a dead body

is page 2 of Google"

-Industry Saying


Get a FREE SEO audit

Get a comprehensive analysis on what's working and areas of your website that can be improved. 

SEO is a marathon

Here's why, it demands long-term commitment and it is fiercely competitive.  You will be competing against your industry competitors to rank on Google, and depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting, the duration for you to achieve your desired page #1 ranking will vary.


At Alphaterra, we pride ourselves for applying the very best practices in the industry to drive you realistic results.   Driving traffic to your website for you to acquire and nurture leads to become paying customers is our objective.

Competition is fierce,

so are we.'s how we do SEO

Content Generation

Without content, Google will have nothing to rank you for, and visitor will have nothing to engage with.

Off-Page Optimization

Anything outside of your website that affects your pages' ranking needs to be optimized to give your website more authority to rank.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is about optimizing everything within your website to be google and user friendly.  


You have to identify the problems before you can solve them.  Running an audit allows you to have a birds eye view of your website's health.  You will know what you are doing right and wrong at the moment.  Take the first step, get an audit now!

If you already have an existing campaign, you would rely on reports instead.

Keyword Research

This is critical as you need to discover the keywords folks are typing into search engines that are related to your brand. These keywords will indicate searcher intent; you can then optimize your pages and content to meet their query.

Technical SEO

There is no point of even doing a marketing campaign when your webpages are full of problems.  Making sure that your webpages are discoverable and crawlable is rudimentary for your page to even rank